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Welcomes in the web-site of the Lavaal Group: a company that is operating for over thirty five years studying carefully the market, favoring every your desire and interpreting it for you to the light of the last innovations that the modern technologies propose to us.

We place ourselves to your side as exclusive partners and not only we do it under today’s time but you can be sure that it will be also for tomorrow, offering to you a punctual service and constant post-sale through one network of professionals and advisers to your service. All this has not been invented from one day to the next: all this has one history. Please discover it with us.

Lavaal: from the laboratory to the company
In 1972 Antonio Guidotti realizes the first handicraft laboratory in Giulianova, in the province of Teramo. So it is born LAVAAL, and thanks to dream, tenacity and engagement of Abruzzo’s inhabitants, it grows in size and work force, becoming today’s great business reality. With some years, the attention at the market lets an aimed study of its requirements, such to allow, in 1979, the production of the first Italian cremone bolt, with 90 degree position return.

Lavaal becomes, therefore, the first company in Italy to introduce the inner mechanisms of “cariglioni” and cremone bolts, with fused zamak material, as a replacement for the classics steel mechanisms. The following year, in 1980, Lavaal faces up to an other challenge, beginning the production of the first accessories for European Chamber. The success is such that Lavaal is obliged to enlarge its own structure and to move it to Colleranesco, always in the province of Teramo.

Visit us at: http://www.lavaal.com


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